Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper Writing Help

Doing a research paper on any topic can take you a lot of time. Although sometimes you don’t want to write about a controversial subject such as teen pregnancy, it might be to your advantage. Usually there are many sources about an issue like this, compared to other less touchy subjects. Since there can be more media attention and news about teen pregnancy than some other topics, you’ll have an easier time writing about it. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of a few good places to search:

  • Your school library and the local public library – most students might turn to the internet first, but libraries still have a lot to offer, including internet access at some of them
  • Look for journals and magazine articles as well as books
  • Have there been any related topics in a college or city newspaper?
  • If you know of any teenager who’s become pregnant, you could interview them and ask them about the experience, what they might have done differently, and what the future holds

Help Writing a Research Paper

After doing the research, you need to put it all together into a coherent paper with your own words and observations. The exact amount of fact vs opinion will depend on your teacher’s instructions. Some teachers want only the statistics and evidence from sources, where others allow you to include your opinion and speculation about the subject as well. Check to see what your teacher is looking for before you start writing about things that aren’t hard facts. It also helps to find out whether you’re allowed to write in first person or if it needs to be objective and in third person.

Now you’re ready to start the first draft! The easiest way to accomplish this is to put your research and quotes into the document first, and then fill in the connections between them with your own words about the topic. As you transition to each subtopic, make sure to always link back to your main subject in writing this paper. Research papers usually need to have one focus throughout the entire project, even when you’re talking about related or similar situations and sources. To do this, remind yourself to mention the words ‘teenage pregnancy’ in every paragraph, so that the reader will be able to tell how it relates to your topic.