10 compelling research paper topics on music

How Music Soothes a Troubled Mind

Research music’s affect on people who have been through very stressful situation. A soldier, for example, just newly returned from war is having a hard time fitting into a peaceful setting until he listens to some good music.

How Music Affects a Person Emotionally

Use different music genres to conduct an experiment on how music can affect a person’s emotions. Note the emotions that go along with each genre and ask if feeling some emotions triggered by music, such as depression or anger, is actually good.

How Hard Rock Can Depress You

Is Hard Rock depressing? Why is it so? Is it the lyrics or the beat that turns you away from truly happy feelings? Is it good to have such depressing music filling our heads all the time?

Music’s Affect on Animals

Can animals be affected by music? Note how animals react to hearing different genres of music and if these reactions are good or bad.

Why Mozart is Better for Children than a Rock Band

Study into the affect Mozart has on the development of children as opposed to if they listened to a rock band. How does listening to Mozart aid in children being smarter? What is the mentality of children who listen to rock bands?

Can Music Affect Plants?

Is it possible for a plant to be affected by music? If so then note how the plant is affected and what genre of music affected it so. Are there notable affects when the plant has been exposed to music for a duration of time?

Why is Music so Essential to Cultural Identity?

Why are cultures often identified by their music? Why do cultures find it necessary to have a musical identity?

Why Classical Music Can Help You Study

Why does listening to classical music help a person study as opposed to say rap music? Try to study listening to classical music and then with other genres playing one at a time. Is there a difference to the studying atmosphere and if so why do you think?

Wagner’s Affect on Hitler

Wagner was Hitler’s favorite composer. What affect did Wager’s music have on the dictator?

Why Lyrics Get Stuck in Your Head

You listened to a song five minutes ago but the lyrics are stuck in your head. Why does this happen? Is it the repetition of the chorus that makes it stick?