How to Write a Research Study Paper Together With Your Friends

Working with a group can be more difficult than working individually in some aspects, but there are also great benefits to working with a group when approached appropriately. When working with a group it is important that you develop ideas together, set a main agenda and keep in communication. These steps will help insure the successful completion of a group research study paper.

Develop Ideas Together

When working with a group of friends it is imperative that before beginning any work, you coordinate and develop your ideas together. By meeting up, you can discuss the prompt and explore potential topics. This step is important to take everyone’s ideas into consideration, and also to make sure you ultimately end up on the same page, with a specific point of view and intention for the research paper. If you cannot come to a consensus, you can use a voting system to decide upon a topic. If the topic is not exactly what you had in mind, make sure to move forward with grace, diving into the research and striving for an A.

Set Agenda

After meeting up to discuss your ideas and topic, you will need to set an agenda. The agenda is equally important, if not more important, than the topic. You must agree as a group to abide by your agenda and be responsible for your work. If you must work together, you must be 100% accountable for your duties, as your team members are relying on you. Nobody likes an unreliable group member who consequently penalizes the whole group. By evenly dividing research, duties and writing amongst the group and setting a schedule, you will be able to successfully complete the research paper one doable step at a time.

Keep in Communication

Once ideas have been developed, tasks divided and the calendar set—it is time to get to work. Set up a system of check that works best for your group to make sure you are staying on the same page throughout the project. Using a program like Google Docs will allow you to keep connected throughout the project even when apart. It would also be smart to include milestones in your agenda, when you have reached a designated point of review when you can meet up with your fellow group members to discuss.

Working with a group makes a project more complex, but also more achievable. The possibilities of achievement with multiple minds will always be greater than one. Take advantage of having the help of many, and complete the research paper to your best ability. With an idea, agenda and good communication your group research paper will surely be successful.