Case study: writing hints and suggestions

Writing a case study is a test of skill and patience. When you have to write a case study, you are looking at research that is conducted over a long amount of time. Whether you conduct the research or someone else does, it is a good idea to be aware of what you are writing and who your audience is. Since all writing is truly argumentative in some manner, it is vital to craft your case study so that your readers understand the importance of the study and what can be learned from it. These are a few tips to write a useful and convincing case study:

Watch your grammar: All writing needs to be readable. If you cannot follow the rules of grammar and composition, then your readers will have difficulty following your line of thought. You could be writing about the most unexpected and life-changing research, but if your method of delivery is sub par, then your ideas will not be accepted by the people who matter.

Develop your argument: Each case study has an argument at the heart. When someone develops any long lasting case study, they are hoping to find a particular outcome in order to prove a point. Be sure that the writing you do supports the research and the outcome. If you are using a case study to support a different claim, be sure to clearly explain the research and the steps it took to reach the outcome. Be very clear so your readers understand everything that occurred during the case study that helped you develop your idea.

Follow the format: Case study writing projects have a specific format. If you professor does not explain exactly how the case study project should be completed, then you should be sure you follow the documentation style and writing format that has been established by previous writers and by research organizations.

Begin and end with a bang: Your introduction is the tool that draws the reader into your case study. Start off the project with a fascinating introduction. Once you have presented your argument and the supporting details clearly, be sure to end the case study with an equally impressive conclusion. Create a memorable conclusion with a call to action so that your readers know exactly what you expect people to do.

With a few simple tips and hints, you can craft a case study that could potentially change someone’s world.