How important is Academic Essay Writing?

Academic essay writing is an important skill that will be used throughout any education you gain in your life. To earn good grades and high level degrees, you will need to learn to write quality academic essays. Beyond education, the skills you learn writing these essays will be carried with you into any future employment you may have. Being able to present your ideas clearly and logically in writing is a powerful tool in the business world. The following few points highlight why it is important to learn how to write a quality academic essay.

  • Formulating Arguments. When discussions take place verbally, they are often scattered and loosely organized. In an academic essay, the points of your argument need to be logically constructed such that they build on each other and accumulate a cohesive, overall argument. The process of writing an academic essay builds those logical thinking skills in your brain, and helps you to take a series of related thoughts and assemble them in a way that communicates well to others.
  • General Writing Skills. Even if your future employment doesn’t require academic essays per se, it will likely ask you to at least write intelligently to communicate with co-workers or customers. Your writing skills are strengthened through the process of putting together academic essays. Even if you are only writing emails on a regular basis, your enhanced writing skills will show you to be an intelligent and professional person.
  • Referencing. A big part of academic essays is referencing the material you used in the creation of the essay. In the internet age, plagiarism is a major problem and a serious offense. By citing the references you used in the process of developing your essay, you give due credit to those other sources and give your essay more authority in the process. Proper academic essay writing will use a specific style of citing sources, typically either APA or MLA.
  • Logical Thinking. While you are formulating your essay, you will be automatically developing your logical thinking skills. Something that makes sense in your head doesn’t always sound so good when put down on paper. You will have to challenge yourself to delve deeper into your thoughts and round them into shape so they convey your message successfully. Even if you never write another paper after college, the thinking skills you develop during the writing process will be with you forever.