I Cannot Write My Term Paper

Are you desperate to find the motivation to write a strong term paper? Are you struggling with writer’s block, stress, or a lack of information? Don’t be alarmed. Most students experience trouble when writing term papers, and nearly everyone has at least one bad stroke of writer’s block in their academic career.

Thankfully, there are a number of potential solutions for those struggling with writing. Whether your problem is motivational or skill-based, there are resources and strategies available that can help you overcome your stress and complete your paper on time. Below are some of the common roadblocks to writing, and a few potential solutions.

Writer’s Block: Take a Refreshing Break

Writer’s block is a term that refers to either a lack of motivation to write, or simply a lack of ideas. Many people believe they have “writer’s block” when simply they are just a little burned out and in need of a break to recharge, recollect their thoughts, and start the paper anew.

If you find that you have no will to write, don’t torture yourself by sitting at the keyboard and trying to force it. This will just worsen your stress and waste your time. Rather, change your surroundings, decompress, and stop thinking about your term paper. Spend the day doing something that makes you happy and inspires you, whether it’s going on a walk in an idyllic park, chatting with some friends, or cooking a big meal. Research shows that taking a break can be a massive source of creative inspiration, so if you take a nice, long break, the odds are good that you’ll return to your paper with some new ideas.

Writing Trouble: Go to a Writing Center

If you are struggling with the mechanics of writing your paper, there are many resources at your university that can help ease the burden. Don’t be afraid to visit your school’s writing center during it’s open hours; most students require help outlining or editing their written work at some point during their educations. If you cannot make it to the writing center’s open hours, or if you have more pressing or extensive needs, seek out a personal writing tutor. Many graduate students in English work part-time as writing instructors and will be happy to help. There are also numerous sources of tutoring online.

Stress: Engage in Self-Care

If high stress levels are keeping you from writing, engage in a little self-care. Do something that makes your mind and body feel good, whether it’s taking a nap, lighting some aromatic candles, having a bubble bath, or playing a video game. Eliminating stress will improve your quality of life and the quality of your paper, to boot!