Directions for Creating a 5-Page Research Paper on Obesity

Throughout high school and college you will often be required to write a research paper on any of a number of subjects. Depending on the discipline there are different ways to structure and format document correctly. This article focuses on the 5-page research paper assignment on the topic of obesity. Here is everything you need to know:

  1. Choose an interesting and unique topic
  2. The first step in creating a great assignment on this subject is to choose an interesting and unique topic to focus on. You should always choose to study a topic that genuinely interests you because your own enthusiasm can come through in the writing. You also want to choose something that hasn’t already been discussed at great length. The point of the assignment is to come up with something original.

  3. Search the library for academic resources
  4. Start by checking for background information online. This is a good way to familiarize yourself with some of the issues surrounding your topic on obesity, as well as get some idea of some of the key terms. Next, head down to the library to search for academic resources. If you are unsure of where to start, speak with the reference librarian and ask for some tips on optimizing your search efforts.

  5. Create an outline for the 5-page assignment
  6. With a research paper of this length you should have at least three major topics to discuss. In structuring your work you should think about have a 1 page introduction, 3 pages reserved for the main text, and 1 page reserved for the conclusion. Each page will of course comprise of different paragraphs. Make sure your outline reflects what will be discussed in each one.

  7. Start writing the first draft of the assignment
  8. Most experts say that the best approach to writing a first draft is to do so quickly and efficiently. This means you shouldn’t concern yourself with making changes until after you have completely written this rough version. Even if the words don’t seem right or you make several mistakes in grammar, editing and punctuation don’t break your momentum. Keep writing!

  9. Set your work aside before you start revising
  10. Before you come back to revise your assignment on obesity you should set it aside for at least a few hours. This allows you to review your work from a different perspective. You’ll be more likely to identify different parts that could be improved through some revision.

  11. Finish by completely editing and proofreading
  12. Finally, don’t ever submit a research paper that hasn’t been completely edited and proofread by you or by someone else. Generally, you’ll have to do this last step on your own, but if you do have someone who can provide you with a fresh perspective that would be a bonus.