Free College Paper vs. Plagiarism

College admissions essays are commonly used for most high school students trying to get into a certain college or university. These essays are a great way for an admissions board to get to know a student more personally. These types of essays are generally centered around the student’s scholastic achievements during high school. Many high school seniors and juniors make a very big deal out of writing these papers. Some may even go to great lengths to have them done professionally. In reality these papers do not have to be that stressful or time consuming, as there are a plethora of options available to a student.

Free College Admissions Essay

There are online services that will help a young student create and customize their very own college admissions essay. These services make use of great software that will help the student correct grammar mistakes and give them options for different subjects to write about. Many students will have a hard time honing in on just one subject. With the free college admissions essays you will be given an guide on how to properly construct a paper. This is very beneficial as a student can simply copy the format of a paper and add personal details at the end. These services different from a plagiarizing service, because they offer examples and help. Plagiarism services simply do the work for you or possible take the work of others and credit it as yours.

Plagiarism Sites

Though these sites are very helpful and sometimes convenient these sites are actually a cursing in disguise. Many of these sites steal other people’s body of work and give students the credit for them. This academic dishonesty is very problematic and can lead a student down academic probation and expulsion. What these papers fail to do is capture the heart and soul of the student, themselves. This is what most admission offices are looking for, they want to know about the student and their personal stories. They want to know about the trials and tribulations that a student went through as well as the goals and dreams a student may have. A plagiarizing will not capture a student's true identity.

Plagiarism is wrong no matter what form it comes in. On top of that plagiarizing some work will lead to some serious legal troubles for those involved. The best thing for a student to do is find a online service that will help them create their very own personal statement. Not a service that will do it for them.