Easy topics for writing a strong persuasive research paper

Persuasive research paper topics can be interesting to write about, when you have a good topic selected. Many students agree when it comes to selecting a topic that this task can be most challenging. Your idea needs to be something you can prove and have the ability to convince others to see things your way. Sometimes it is a matter of choosing topic with realistic possibilities on both sides (whether you agree or disagree with it). Easy topics can make the writing process easier for students. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • Homework assignments. Students should not have homework assignments. Can homework be banned or outlawed? When homework fails to help students understand new concepts.
  • Television. Children under a certain age should not be allowed to watch television. Certain television stations should be banned. Any show directed toward children should be educational only.
  • Health and wellness. A healthy diet does not help people live longer. Exercise can be dangerous to your health. People should be required to eat a certain amount of food each day. People should be allowed to take off from school or work when they feel stressed at any time.
  • Parenting. Kids who are spoiled are better learners. Parents should not give kids an allowance. What reasons do parents like one child more than another? A two-parent household is a better environment to raise a child instead of a single-parent home.
  • Death penalty and capital punishment. A person who helps commit a crime should not be charged the same offense of someone who actually committed the crime in question. The death penalty should only be used for offenders of a certain age or for certain crimes.
  • Violence. Movies should not include acts of violence to help them sell. Domestic violence against men is a growing problem. When it is okay to commit a crime.
  • Food. How many times a day should a person eat? It is better to grow your own food instead of buying it from the store. Why can’t people get food for free more often since it is a necessity?
  • Religion. What children should (or should not) know about religion? Evidence that God is unhappy with his children.
  • Reading. Everyone should read every day. Children should read a certain number of books each week.
  • The future. People should know what will happen to them before it happens.