Medical Case Study: what Topics to avoid

What is a medical case study?

Medical case study is a research methodology comprising a detailed information and in depth study of a single individual. A medical case study is a comprehensive detailed document about a patient on whom a student have to collect information about his/her mental states, thought process, behaviors, important life events, any mental or physical illness and causes of the illness. Basically, students need to submit two types of case studies during their academic career. Most probably, at intermediate level, students required to submit the fictional case studies which are based on the character from a movie or any novel. The students doing graduation or enrolled in higher degree education, they need to submit the factual case study which is based on facts and real information. In higher studies, case study is considered as the primarily important research strategy.

The topics to avoid

While writing a medical case study it is very important to see what topic you are going to use and how effective will it be. It is suggested for the students to avoid topics that are

  • Not your field of interest
  • Repetitive
  • Have been published a lot of times before
  • Unclear or vague
  • Conflicted- have different opinions
  • Out of your scope of education

Buying online

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