How To Write A Case Study Essay

The proprietary purpose of case studies is to embody a subject, battle the facts with fiction and present potential solutions to enhance the subject which you’ve written about. Since the bulk of case study essays will contain statistical or analytical data, the biggest initial step one should prepare themselves for is heavy research. Although the internet is perfect for this research, your public library may be deployed for this as well. With thousands of case studies needed daily, we explore the correct method of writing a case study for business or academic purposes.

  1. Determine Subject
  2. You’ll first need to establish your subject; this could circumvent from problems around the tech world, around class or something in your business office which your data intends to improve. Make notations of several observations in society which you deem appropriate to analyze and choose the best fit for your level of knowledge on subjects which you’ve uncovered.

  3. Locate and Interview
  4. Every case study consists of some locality, or person, where the study takes place. This could be your office, several people’s houses or even a local park; the site where you’ll write your case study is simply relative to that study and should be chosen wisely. Once you’ve chosen this site, conduct your interviews with people involved with your subject, asking them questions which you’ll eventually graph into data sets. Discuss the problem which you found and what remedy, if anything, has been attempted to promote solvency within the problem. Ask how long the problem has occurred and what ramifications the problem has brought about. These interviews can be garbled notes; nothing formal yet.

  5. Analyze and Write
  6. Take all data from interviews, add research from internet or other sources to back these claims, and begin to write the case study. You’ll need to include these sections within your case study:

  • Introductory paragraph or pages which outline your issue
  • Brief intel about the case or problem
  • Problems which are relevant to case
  • Solutions which you’ve brainstormed
  • Always proofread your works and perhaps entertain adding some cover for this study.

Writing a Case Study Is Easy

Case study writing always begins with mounds of research; in fact, you’ll spend less time actually writing the case study and more time collecting data, interviews and creating graphs for the analytical paper. It’s good practice to pick subjects for your case study which are common to you, are being taught in school or are otherwise part of your daily work life.