Sociology Topics for Research Paper Writing

Sociology is by far the most interesting subject to a lot of people. It really gets in the mindset of people in generally, and the society in which they find themselves attached to. As with most classes, you are required to write a number of papers focused around sociological topics discovered, or talked about during class. Sometimes these topics are plenty and you have much to write about and other ties you aren't so lucky. This article will touch on eight different sociology topics you can focus on when you don't have any other to choose from.

  1. You can first discuss the role media plays on society. This is a great topic because many people engross themselves in the media each day. As a people were are always watching television. Sometimes we watch history channel and shows that peak our intellectual curiosity, and other times we watch reality television that plays to our inner drama child we seek to keep hidden. It is natural that many want to know what role, or impact does the media in any form have on the people of society.
  2. Why do prejudices in sex, gender, class, and race, still exist in the US? While many people have fought for social equality thought this society, a number of inequalities can exist. If you are utilizing this topic you can touch on gay rights, using race as a deciding factor for enrolment in universities, and equal pay for men and women, and why these disparities still exist.
  3. What is the US determined to enter war and conflict that we have no interest in. This topic will allow you to expand on why we as a society thrive off of conflict and getting our nose stuck in other people’s business, and what that says about this society.
  4. Why are humans social animals not destined to live a life in solitude? This topic allows you to focus on why people need to socialize in order to stay healthy and active and how life in solitude affects our emotional and mental state of mind.
  5. Why do labels play a large part in our culture? This allows you to define labels and asses why we need them in order to function.
  6. Why are people susceptible to peer pressure? This allows you to define what peer pressure, who is more suitable, and why that is so.
  7. Another good topic focus can be on deviant behaviors and why some behaviors are labeled deviant while other things are not.
  8. Lastly a topic that can be focused on understands cultural differences throughout a diverse population.