How to determine a Topic of your Case Study

A case study is a research method that requires a detailed data about a particular topic from particular sources. Case study is considered as an interesting and effective research method. It is mostly used by students when they doing their thesis or research projects. Case study method can also be used if you are planning to write a research article or research paper then you can collect your desired data by using case study method. Case study can vary in their types and purposes. There are various kinds of case studies and there are also different ways or purposes for which you can use case study method. Other than academic research projects and research papers or articles case studies can also be used or written to describe certain historical events in detail. It can also serve the purpose of exploring a phenomenon in detail and depth. Case studies can also be written in order to conduct comparative analysis, or critical examination of a particular phenomenon or event with reference to a particular source.

The topic you are going to select for your case study can be a tricky task. You have to be very careful and relevant when you are going to choose a topic for your case study writing.

The topic which you are going to select should be selected on certain basis. You have to keep in mind certain things while you are brain storming about the main topic of your case study. Following are the important points that you must keep in your mind while selecting a topic for case study writing:

  • The method or design that you are going to use in your case study will be a prime element in determining your topic and vice versa.
  • The style that you are going to follow must be in accordance with your main topic.
  • The target population or the audience for whom you are going to write a case study can be a potential element while determining your main topic.
  • You must keep in mind your research area or research question in general. You must be aware of what you are going to explore and from where you are going to collect information.
  • You can study literature about your area of interest from library or internet or journals and it will help you narrow downing your interest in to a preside topic for case study.