Buying a Customized Doctoral Thesis on the Web

Completing a dissertation is the single most challenging task in graduate education, and finishing the PhD is the highest possible achievement in the academy. It is also a despair-inducingly long process, and one that must be undertaken independently, with only a minor amount of faculty guidance and mentorship. The average dissertation or doctoral thesis takes over a year to complete, sometimes upwards of two or more years, and that’s not counting the numerous students who spend as long as a decade grinding their wheels and failing to make any progress whatsoever. The doctoral thesis truly is the academic project that separates the wheat from the chaff.

If you are in graduate school and failing to make progress on your PhD thesis, you may be tempted to enlist some outside help. Keep in mind that you do so at your own peril, and run the risk of being caught committing academic fraud and being expulsed from your university. While purchasing dissertation writing assistance is widely considered to be academically dishonest, it is also an incredibly popular tactic, and countless PhD students utilize external services to complete their dissertations each year.

But where to locate such assistance? Here is a brief guide.

Freelance Writers

Once place to turn for dissertation writing help is one of the internet’s many freelancer services. There are now many websites in operation that pair potential clients with freelance writers, some of whom have legitimate academic credentials and are more than happy to help a doctoral student with their final project. To locate such writers, find a reliable freelancer platform, and search for writers. You may want to search specifically for “academic writing” and focus in on freelancers who have advanced degrees and experience writing dissertations or theses of their own. Before hiring a freelancer, ask to view sample work and question them a little to make sure they are comfortable working on your project.

Essay Writing Services

There are many services on the web that specialize in creating essays and research papers for paying college students. Some of these services are staffed by former academics who are capable of helping write a dissertation or doctoral thesis. To find such a writer, locate an essay writing service that does not serve undergraduates only. Find a service that can assist with graduate papers, and ask for a writer who has experience on theses and dissertations. It is best if you find a writer with a PhD in your own field of study.