How to write a strong case study from scratch

When discovering a new issue, or wanting to discuss an issue that doesn't have much research to back it up currently, a strong case study must be built from scratch. This requires a lot of steps in order to be successful, but is possible to do with a lot of effort and patience .A lot of attention must be paid to research and must rely heavily on individuals. While there may be some past history that can back up new studies made from scratch, this kind of study can not rely on history or past research.


Observational study is a key element of making a case study from scratch. When a problem rises that does not have much history of research, a new case study must rely on observing the individuals symptoms or behavior to determine a possible solution for the problem or possible explanation for the behavior. The more detail, the easier it is to back up and research the case.


Along with observing, getting to know the thought process of the subject or patient is also key to finding an explanation or solution. If the steps are listed and detailed and recorded accurately, interviews can be used to understand how a certain individual thinks and what they are feeling. Understanding how a person thinks is what psychology's goal and between observation and interviews, a case study can be written from scratch that can lead to further research and back up future case studies which could lead to more possible solutions or understanding.

Research what you can

Back up any hypothesis or research you can. When studying an individual, even if little research has been done, there are still facts and research to help back up your hypothesis as to what a solution to a possible problem is and also research that could lead to further understanding of a new problem.

In Conclusion

A new case study made from scratch can be a challenge. Discussing a new issue or one that has not been discussed thoroughly can mean more emphasis must be put on hands on observation and interview with individuals. Whatever hands on steps are taken for a new case study, any hypothesis must be backed up with some sort of fact or past research. With patience, research and detailed recording, new case studies in psychology can be successful and beneficial to the field.