The Ultimate Case Study Writing Guide

When writing case studies for your own business efforts, for someone else or even for school needs, there are guidelines which must be closely followed to prevent the wrong message, misguided information placement or even confusion on behalf of the reader. Remember, these case studies will eventually solve problems or potentially innovate new products; therefore, you must follow the following style guide when writing case studies to avoid poor grades or ineffective delivery of needed statistics or information sought out by companies. Many people seek help with essays and My Paper Writer is their final stop.

Format to Follow

You’ll have to abide by certain case study outlines in order to properly deliver your information and introduce solutions which your case study reveals could work. The outline is as follows:

  • Title Page – Place the full title of your case study in compelling format so the reader has easy understanding of what information could potentially be contained within the case study. Graphics are not mandatory yet could provide colorful delivery.
  • Abstract – The initial statement you’ll make underlines the presentation of case, which generally means announcing the problem which your case study undertook and potentially solved. Present all facts, including the in-depth problem as you’ve seen it and methods you used to propagate this case study.
  • Introduction – Describe the niche, in general, along with how the problem which you studied directly affects the niche or individual account. Reference any additional studies which may exist that were used to pull information from.
  • Presentation of Facts – This is where analytical data, statistics and issues your problem has caused with outcomes of those problems. Examine all angles which contribute to the issue you’ve tackled and potentially harmful ramifications of not addressing the issue studied.
  • Discussion – Discussing what everything means to the big picture will paint the reader into their own mindset of how they could contribute to making your outlined problem completely solvable.
  • Solution – Offer what you believe to be the most viable solution to prolong betterment for your issues. Make sure to clearly specify steps which you believe would solve your problem.
  • References – Always provide an Appendix of all sources for verification so everyone can explore the same information which you did.


The actual length of your case study will depend on how much information is necessary to reach your final solution. Some have been 20 pages; others can amass the hundreds. If you’ve been given the opportunity to conduct case studies for clients, you are welcome to use this basic guide as reference to completing the case evaluation to perfection. If you are going to buy argumentative essay, our guide should help you as well in choosing the most appropriate service.