Where To Find Reliable Resources For A Case Study

Case studies are different than any other student writing assignment because they rely heavily on the presentation of facts and evidence. For this reason the resources that you choose to use for your case study dramatically impact the overall quality of your paper. Depending on the case example that you are looking at finding reliable resources may be a difficult task. In order to make the information gathering process a bit easier we have included a list of where to find reliable sources when you write a case study.

  1. Police Reports
  2. An example of a reliable resource for a case study is a police report. Police reports should be written in a non-objective way that states only the facts as noted by the individuals involved in the case. Police detectives have been specially trained to write notes in a way that clearly state facts and do not embellish details. If you can get your hands on an official police report it should work as a great resource for your case study.

  3. Medical Documents and files
  4. Medical documents and files can be a bit tricky to get your hands on but they add a lot of value to a case study if you can. Most of the time medical reports will be written by a doctor and offer plenty of evidence that can help support your case.

  5. Scholarly Texts
  6. Another essential resource for students who are writing case studies to use are scholarly texts which are prepared by experts on the topic being addressed. These can be useful because they will contain good examples and strong evidence points that should considered reliable enough to include within your study. Unfortunately, not all scholarly texts will be accepted as 100% verifiable. Because an author who often places his own “expert opinions” into the document writes them, they may be dismissed as opinions rather than scientific facts. However if the author is reputable there is no reason why direct quotations from the texts cannot be included.

  7. Exact Quotations
  8. Case studies may also include direct quotations as resources as long as the quote's source is verifiable. If you include any interviews in your case study it is a good idea to get the interview on tape so that it can be reviewed. If you were not the one who conducted the interview then you must also provide your source.