A Manual For Composing the first Research Paper Body Paragraph

That the research paper gains strength from the Abstract and Introduction is a truth. However, the most important portion of the paper is Methodology; a section mentioned as the Body of the research paper.

Carrying the method

The first paragraph generally carries the methods carried in the research. In most cases, students conduct surveys and sampling. This then enjoys priority of description in the 1st paragraph. The readers should understand the way through that the research paper is going to eventually take. He also gets a glimpse of where the conclusion may head into; at least one to three general directions.

Here is an example –

The topic – Analyzing the perception that general poverty naturally decreases purchase power; even if you have money

‘In order to find out the general perception of decently doing people in a poverty-stricken society, 69 people between ages 25-40 were questioned randomly on what they feel about the opening of the new mall in the society. 30 people preferred to give their answer in writing while 25 wished to communicate verbally. The remaining 4 had no idea.’

The data emergence

Thus, you can ascertain from the paragraph that almost 90% people out of the selected 69 had something to say about the mall. They would most probably be willing to answer some sensitive and essential questions on the potential of the mall in subsequent paragraphs. Thus, you are naturally driven to note the actuations of a poverty-stricken society and its citizen’s responses.

An uncomplicated manual

This is the manual you create. Whatever method you conduct for your research paper, place the details of the method; especially the number of willing and unwilling respondents and their age group in the first page. The whole Methodology progresses from there in a sequential way, covering other regimes to pave the way for analysis and forthcoming conclusion.

Jot the quotients

Thus, you can jot down the two quotients; age group and number of respondents and weave your first paragraph between them. Since this gives you a head-start for the research paper, you can continue in the same vein. You will automatically gain the impetus to carry forward, provided your way through is clear and definite and you know what you are doing.

The logic prevails

Whatever page you write, it helps if you can first jot down the essentials and then sketch out the whole portion joining the dots. This also allots somewhat of a creative trait to your work. Remember, however, not leave out essential things.