How to Choose a Good Research Paper Topic

The best thing you could do when choosing a research paper topic is think outside the box. You have to get creative and come up with your own ideas. There are a few reasons this is so important:

How to Get Creative

Get to the library and start flipping through the books on the topic you think you want to use. Don’t look for anything specific. Just zip through them as quickly as possible. Use sticky-notes to mark the pages that have interesting bits of information.

As you’re working through the books be sure to make notes. Over time you’ll find yourself coming up with your own unique ideas on the topic you’re researching. It doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong. At this point all you’re looking for is a direction to guide you to the topic you’re going to choose.

What’s the Trick That Makes Research Much Easier?

As you put your sticky notes in those pages you’re marking the spots you’ll refer back to when you actually write the paper. Whenever you use information from these sources you can easily put in a citation. This saves you from having to take extensive notes and digging through the books you had studied previously.

As you continue to perform your research start forming an outline. This is going to begin to give structure to the topic you’re choosing. Once you have your first outline rearrange anything that seems out of place and eliminate anything that doesn’t seem too related to the topic.

Of course, you may need to find a few more pieces of information, but by the time you finish building your outline you’ll find it easy to fully understand the topic you’re going to be writing about.

Not only will you have an interesting and creative topic for your research paper, but you’ll also be prepared to write on it quickly. You have all of your references marked with sticky-notes and know the exact flow of information that will make your essay shine. This is how you pick a good research paper topic.

  • Your teachers will be less likely to suspect you of plagiarism if you present a unique idea
  • It will allow you to write a better paper since you’re coming up with the ideas on your own
  • You can perform your research much easier with one simple trick
  • Your papers will be more entertaining to read