Looking For A Sample Of A Term Paper Introduction

Research papers are one of the most vital parts for the completion of your term. A good research paper can greatly boost your grades for a particular term and hence should be handles with utmost importance and care. Depending on the topic that you have been assigned for your research work, the introduction has to be written accordingly.

The reader’s interest to dwell on your work is greatly influenced by the introduction of your paper and hence extra care should be taken while writing the introduction. There are a few methodologies for writing an informative and yet precise introduction to any research work. Underneath we are going to discuss a few guidelines that will be helpful for writing a good term paper:

  • Provide an overview of the problem: the introduction is the place where your topic’s argument would be discussed for the first time. So it should be essentially kept in mind that the definition of your research problem is provided precisely and yet informative enough in the introduction itself.
  • Personal views and anecdotes: the personal touch to your work in the form of personal anecdotes gives the paper an interesting twist and grabs the reader’s attention more easily. However, remember that the core topic is of actual interest and do not overload your paper with such digressions. Limit them to the introduction alone.
  • The introduction should be the overall summary of the research paper: the introduction should be structured in a manner that it would be cover all the essential points of view and vitals factors related to the topic that has been discussed in details in the rest of the paper.
  • Incorporate the essay title within the introduction such that it reflects your understanding of the subject: blend in the essay title within the introduction such that your understanding of the topic is made obvious through the introduction itself.
  • Mention the sources that you have referred to for writing the research paper: while you will be dedicating an entire bibliography for this purpose, but it is always more impressive to include the name of the few primary references that you have used for the development of your work. Include them as quotes in support of your argument a couple of times to strengthen your research paper and your point of argument from the very beginning.