Where to Get a Quality Custom Research Paper: Directions for Newbies

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you are looking for a quality research paper to use as an example when writing your own, or for a paper you can pass for your own work. If the former is true, you have a wider range of options – from asking your tutor to using your school library. If you need a ready paper to put your name on, your choice is limited to academic paper databases and writing services. Keep reading to find out more about advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Papers for Your Reference

  • Your tutor’s archive.
  • Ask your instructor whether he or she has research papers similar to yours on file. Explain that you need them as examples to understand how you should write your own paper. Take care not to copy anything directly from these papers as it will be noticed.

  • Your school, college, or university library.
  • Your academic library may have lots of research papers submitted by students. Look for those written on topics similar to yours. If the choice is confusingly broad, prefer the newest papers and those submitted in the same course and to the same instructor as yours.

  • Educational websites.
  • Visit online writing labs for examples of research papers that have been most carefully composed and proofread. Such examples often come with explanations what and why you need to do in each section.

  • Online libraries.
  • Academic libraries such as Questia have lots of top-quality student essays and research papers.

Papers to Be Passed as Your Own

  • Free databases.
  • The benefit of getting a research paper from a free database is that even in the worst case you will not lose any money. However, such papers often lack quality. Be ready to spend much time exploring these websites for a really good paper, and you may eventually find it.

  • Paid databases.
  • Research papers offered for sale generally have better quality than free ones. However, there is still a risk of getting a poorly written example. You are almost never able to view a considerable portion of the paper before you pay. Besides, no one will return your money if you are disappointed with the paper.

  • Writing services.
  • The most reliable way to get a quality research paper is to order it written from scratch by a reputable writing service. Choose a company that offers a money-back guarantee and unlimited free revisions. Ideally, this company should legitimately operate in your country – have a valid land line number, office address, and state registration number.