Writing a Research Paper in Physics: some Basic Hints

A physics research paper is known to be a challenging task for students for a number of reasons. Finding a suitable topic is a common problem as you need to be able to explain your main idea with sufficient evidence. Your paper should serve a unique purpose based on your research. The good news is there are several tips to help you get started with your research paper.

  • Read sample research papers and find one you want to emulate. This can help you stay focused on producing content with good structure. This can also help you create an outline to use when you start your research. Present what you know with clear and concise understanding. When you are not clear about a concept you should consider getting support from a fellow colleague or your professor.
  • Take your time when writing your sentences and paragraphs. Pay attention to how they flow together. Your first sentence in each paragraph may have a clue to help lead you into details that will make up your paragraph and display your point with logic reasoning. If it does not make sense or the flow seems off, revise and rewrite the paragraph.
  • The writing voice for your paper should be active not passive. This means you are showing the actions have occurred or will happen. This puts your content and overall message in better context with a clearer perspective. Make sure your information remains consistent throughout the paper. This helps readers follow your purpose with clarity from start to finish. If you describe something related to your research, provide details without changing the subject. This can reduce the risk of your paper looking as if it is all over the place.
  • There are certain words you should consider avoiding as some may be seen as offensive. This may not be offensive in a bad way, but it can give context a different meaning you were not working toward. Example words to try and avoid are those like “obviously” and “of course.”
  • Take time to read guidelines and instructions thoroughly before getting started. This can help you save time, energy and frustrations. This should be done before and after you complete your paper. Many students have the habit of constantly referring to them as they work on their research.
  • Try not to go overboard with elements such as acronyms. References and footnotes.

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