Case Study Writing: Solve A Problem

If you have been given the task of creating a case study, then there are some elements to the process that you are going to have to be aware of prior to the composition process. When you are writing a case study, you will need to complete the following before your first draft:

  • You will outline the series of events that happened during the overall study- By outlining the events that transpired in the over all event that you are studying, you will be able to get your facts straight. It is at this point that you are going to want to verify your information and ensure that you have the most accurate version of the event. Rearrange facts and information here at this point instead of later, it will help to save you time in the editing process.
  • Leave enough space in between major pieces of the event that you can add more information- You will be including research, by including it in the outline you can reread it and ensure that it makes sense in the logical order to the presentation of material.
  • In those spaces you are going to add in any additional research that you performed that is relevant to that particular section
  • Then you are ready to start to evaluate the information to draw conclusions- When you draw your conclusions prior to creating your first draft, you are going to be able to lead your information to that conclusion. This way it will seem more logical and coherent instead of disjointed and confusing.
  • Once you have your conclusions, then you can draft your closing and summary of the case study- You want to make sure that your closing argument is clear and concise so that you will be able to accurately pull together all of the information that you have given to the readers. This will help to strengthen your argument in the long run.
  • Now you are ready to start your first draft- Remember to reread, edit, and revise your first draft so that you avoid unwanted errors.

These are all of the steps that must be taken care of prior to the writing of the first draft. This is because of the fact that, if there is any rearranging that has to be done in your research or verification of facts then you do not have to rip apart your entire essay to do so.