How to Write a Thesis Statement for an Essay

Writing an essay can be just as difficult as you want it to be. It all depends on how you go about it. Procrastination is easy and will get you if you are not careful and dedicated. So how do you write your thesis statement while not procrastinating about getting it done? That is what you are soon to find out if you keep reading.

Make a Schedule

An easy way to keep from procrastinating about anything is to make a schedule. For example, if you have a week in which to complete your essay then on day 1 you can write the thesis statement. On day 2 you can make the outline. On day 3 do the research and make the note cards. Day 4 will be plugging the research into the outline. On day 5 you can write the reference page while on day 6 you can proofread everything and make corrections where needed. Day 7 is the day you turn it in.

By breaking projects down into small manageable parts, it will not seem so overwhelming and it will be easier to get it done without procrastinating and waiting until the last minute.

Make it Happen

Now that you have your schedule it is day 1 and time for the thesis statement. What is your essay on? You probably have a broad topic. We will pretend that it is airplanes. OK, so we know that the topic of airplanes in general is too broad. Break it down a bit to airplanes in the 1950’s. That narrows it down a bit but not far enough. What will you be discussing about airplanes in the 50s? It could be the impact that the newborn growth in air travel had on the economy. That is a pretty narrow category.

So now, you make your thesis statement from that. Your thesis statement should say what your theme is and what you mean to discover throughout the course of the paper. It should be laid out in a clear and concise manner. All of your research should be concerning that theme.

Now that you have your thesis statement you are done with the work for day 1. You can breathe a sigh of relief that the first part is over and go about your business. Just be sure to come back every day to finish the rest without any form of procrastination.