Autism Case Study Writing for College

At this point in your academic writing career, you should know about most of the things that we’ll go into in this article so the other things such as developing the actual writing mechanics won’t be revisited in length as it’s the same process each time: citation, strong introduction, strong closing, and format.
The main thing about writing a case study whether it is about autism or any subject is…


Proper research into autism will make this whole case study writing process go through much easier. Even decent research will help. The main thing is that the subject—autism—is the focus. Autism is a fairly broad subject to take on, so you’ll want to narrow it down to a few topics to make it easier to manage.

With topics instead of the subject overall, you can pick what specifically about autism that you wish to address. Look at it as being at a family reunion: you either don’t know the majority of the people or you know very little about them here so you don’t know who you should talk to or if you should talk to them, but you can narrow the field down to whom you do know. By doing that, you might even be introduced to some of the family members you weren’t familiar with before.

The same thing applies with research. You can narrow the field and look up on a specific topic and that could segue into another topic that you weren’t even researching.

As for some topics to look into here are a few about autism:

  • History of the study of autism.
  • How is autism classified? What are the differences in how it was originally classified and how it classified today?
  • What causes autism? How is autism diagnosed?
  • How is autism managed?
  • How do individuals with autism function and how does society function around them?
  • Neurodiversity and autism.


Once you handle your research, you’ll want to look over what you’ve learned and see how you can develop a thesis statement. You can develop one from roughly any question asked, but the thesis statement should have some weight to it. A weak thesis statement will lack any actual power for the rest of the essay. This will result in a weak introduction and a weak closing based on a subpar or decent at best essay filled with content that could’ve been read elsewhere online.

Remember, ask a question and form that question into a thesis statement that can be worked with. An example would be:

Awareness in autism among the public at large is hindered by a lack of cohesion when it comes to concrete statistics among the medical fraternity. Without a great deal of numbers and statistical data to better put the picture in focus, there is a lack of understanding for what autism is and how many individuals are truly effected with it.

After this, you would go into whatever supports your point on this in the body of your essay.