Creating a Case Study: always include Real Numbers

Case studies need to be credible. In order to make a case study credible, research must be done to back up any hypothesis or observations made. Including real facts and real numbers when creating a case study is important to being credible and creating a strong case study. The stronger the case study, the more benefit is has to the field and the more research it could lead to in the future. Making sure resources are reliable is also important to a strong case study.

Do as much research as possible

The first step to creating a strong case study is research after determining what the case study will be about. Even if there is not a current study identical to the one you are working on, there will be facts, statistics and research on symptoms, behaviors and other such pieces of the study that can help you support your hypothesis or ideas. Give yourself a chance to do as much research possible. You need time to eliminate poor sources and research that has no connection to your current case that you thought you might have used at the beginning of your study.

Check all the sources

Some sources may not be as reliable as others. Double checking what sources you use, the numbers being stated and how the author arrived at the numbers. Using a search engine to find sources will provide you with the least reliable sources and the age of the source can also affect how reliable the source is. Finding research from credible members of the community and field also provides a stronger backing for a case study.

Keep detailed records and numbers

For hands on research and interviews and studies of individuals, keep a detailed record of your study. Keep accurate numbers of days, frequency of behavior and other necessary numbers important to your study. A written record of a verbally recorded record will assure the best accuracy and that your numbers are not misremembered.

In Conclusion

Research is one of the most important parts of a case study. Keeping accurate facts and numbers is what is needed for a strong case study. Checking your sources, reviewing numbers, and taking the time to research closely and finding the best pieces of research will make a strong case study and will help make your study credible and reliable.